Date a Girl Who Lifts

From the blog Fitting it All In

Date a girl who’s comfortable with her rough hands. Rough hands make a soft heart. She’ll never feel as though she has to fit neatly within the lines. She can do pull-ups. Lots of them. That’s cool.

Date a girl who goes to bed early on Friday night because there’s squats and burpees at 8 a.m. Work out with her. You’ll find out how attractive it is when she moves heavy things.

Date a girl who’s comfortable walking around town in yoga pants–she’s always ready to deadlift. Or run. Or jump on things. She gives zero fucks what people think of what she’s wearing. Besides, she looks really hot.

Date a girl who lurves to work out. It makes her bolder, fiercer, and stronger. She will do power cleans with you. Afterwards she’ll want to discuss the nuances of powerful hip extension. That sounds like fun.

Date a girl who eats lots of healthy things because she wants a bigger butt and a bigger squat–but still lusts after cookies and ice cream. She’ll enjoy the rare indulgence with you. She won’t judge you for ordering extra bacon; she wants her own bacon.

Date a girl that lifts. The barbell teaches people things they can’t be taught by other people. She likes the way the bar feels against her shin and on her shoulders. She understands. She’ll smirk when you smash an ass-to-grass front squat PR. You’ll get a little hot under the collar when she squats double her body weight. You’ll both laugh a little too hard when she asks if you want to spend a night at the bar to work on her snatch.

I’ll let you know when I find her.

Editorial note: inspired by Don’t Date a Girl Who Travels

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  1. Reblogged this on LN STAR FITNESS and commented:
    I would love to see this put on a poster and put up in commercial gyms. Women have the strength to give life but expect to get into shape using 5kg Dumbells and “morning jogs” ??!! Thanks for writing this. Strong is beautiful!

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  3. I love this! And I’m her!! It’s a funny thing that so many people think I’m crazy for being this girl. But in fact, these are the things that make me happy!

  4. The goal is to find a man who does in fact appreciate women like this (and doesn’t find it too intimidating)!! Nice post!

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